Global operator

Hyseo is a French leading provider of innovative, sustainable process solutions for Hydro, Solar and Wind power plants and a key player for energy storage. Established in 2007, Hyseo has an extended experience in Design, Development, Construction in electricity production and operation / maintenance of solar power plants in France and MENA. As an independent producer of electricity from Renewable Energy sources, Hyseo possesses comprehensive expertise to deliver flexible, reliable solutions that fully answer the rigorous demands of today’s environmental sector. 

Hyseo is member of :

Our vision

The challenge for the coming years is to decrease the cost of energy production and make energy accessible to everyone. Hyseo’s mission is to maximise client value, skillfully balancing the need to meet present and future regulatory requirements with an intelligent low-carbon approach that creates optimum environmental and cost benefits.

Our values

HYSEO aims to be one of the leading investment and developing companies in the field of renewable energy. 

Our core values :

  • Integrity and reliability,
  • Loyalty and commitment
  • Creativity and innovation.

Our mission is to cooperate with our Clients to achieve performance improvements throughout all of the Company's activities.